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The wind energy market has witnessed impressive growth in recent years. Thanks to our products, we have positioned ourselves as a leading company in this important sector.

We have great experience in manufacturing numerous products, especially flanges for wind towers. The main advantage of using these pieces is that they make it possible to position the wind turbine at the specified height to ensure optimal operation. Our flanges are therefore used in the towers of many wind farms around the world. Our customers’ feedback is outstanding, thanks to factors such as the cutting-edge technology used, the stringent quality standards we meet and the ongoing audits by renowned Spanish metallurgical industry experts.

We also manufacture rings of up to 5 m as per client specifications or drawings. These pieces are made from laminated steel bars or sheets, hot-bent and flash butt welded.
It is also worth noting that we produce very high-quality parts for the foundation of both offshore and land windmills.

We are likewise available to manufacture any type of product required by our customers, investigating the most cost-effective production approach and collaborating with customers during the entire process to ensure total success.

Wind flange

The fate of the Wind Bridle manufactured by Barranquesa are the wind towers. The assembly of the tower by means of flanges allows to place at the projected height the wind turbine for its optimal operation.

In this sense Barranquesa has already manufactured approximately 50,000 bridles that today are part of the towers of a good number of wind farms distributed throughout the world. Not in vain among our customers are the main companies in the sector.

The valuation of this product is not only optimized by the application of the most modern technology, the guarantee of demanding Quality Certificates and the continuous checks by renowned experts of the Spanish metallurgical sector, but also by the conjunction of the three axes that form part of Our business reality: quality, term and price.



Among its products, Barranquesa manufactures rings under specifications or customer plans of diameters up to 6,000 mm.

These pieces are formed from laminated billets or sheet metal, curved in cold or hot (according to qualities and dimensions) and welded by Flash Butt Welding or by oxycutting whole pieces of sheet metal. On the other hand these rings admit the possibility of being heat treated in our facilities.

Other products

Our mentality is to be open to manufacture any type of products that our clients need, investigating the most competitive way to realize them and collaborating with the clients for their optimal development.

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Other products

At Industrial Barranquesa we are committed to the diversification of our business portfolio, so we are able to manufacture parts for various industrial sectors, highlighting:

  • Hydraulics.
  • Bearings for concrete mixers.
  • Pressure equipment.
  • Autoclaves.
  • Industrial furnaces.
  • Shipyards.
  • Great pipelines and much more …

We develop tailor-made projects and offer door-to-door services to the customer around the world. We strive to work at all times respecting the combination of the three axes that are part of our business reality: quality, term and price.

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