Anchor Cages

At Barranquesa, we supply complete anchor cages including the flanges produced by ourselves and the rest of components that we acquire directly from our trustworthy partners.

The anchor cage is a key component that must be delivered in first place to begin with the construction of the wind tower foundations. For this reason, we place at our customers disposal different service centers to stock there every needed components and we manage all the logistics to deliver the anchor cages on site in the quickest time frame, whether assembled or not.

We follow rigorous production processes to supply our anchor cages with the highest quality.

Flanges - anchor cage


Bolts - anchor cage

Anchor Bolts

Small pieces - anchor cage

Ancillary Parts


We are able to fulfill all your requirements and needs with the help of our outstanding production process:

Purchase of material

Material Purchase

Independent source directly from the mill

Cutting sectors

Cutting sectors

Traditional cutting method using oxy-fuel torches to cut through steel up to 240 mm thickness or plasma cutting for smaller thicknesses

Mag welding

MAG welding

International Welding Engineer in house. Qualified process according to EN 15614-1. Welders qualified according EN 9606-1



CNC turning machines
Machining in 360º rings or segmented


CNC Drilling-milling machines
Drilling in 360º ring or segmented

Surface treatment

Surface treatment

Sand blasting, painting, metallizing and others

Anchor bolts

Anchor bolts

Trustworthy and Approved Suppliers


Preparation of the KITS ready to package: flanges, bolts and small pieces
Several specific references procured from different suppliers

Logistic worldwide

Worldwide Logistics

Full management of the logistics and packaging for deliveries to any part of the world

Assembling services

We deliver pre-assembled anchor cages by specialized personnel and ensuring quality standards

Satisfied customers