SINCE 1990

Working for Energy Industry

The wind energy market has witnessed impressive growth in recent years. Thanks to our products, we have positioned ourselves as a leading company in supporting this important sector.

We have a wide range of experience in manufacturing numerous products, especially flanges and anchor cages for wind towers. Our flanges and anchor cages can be found on wind farms worldwide. Customers’ feedback is outstanding, thanks to factors such as the cutting-edge technology used, the stringent quality standards we meet and the ongoing audits by renowned metallurgical industry experts.

We are likewise available to manufacture any type of product required by our customers, investigating the most cost-effective production approach and collaborating with customers during the entire process to ensure total success.

Our History since 1960

Anchor cages II in Uharte Arakil
Anchor cages II in Uharte Arakil

Barranquesa acquired a new headquarters in Uharte Arakil where anchor cages will be produced. 17,000 m2 of factory surface with 7,600 m2 under roof. It will have our first welding robot.

New facilities in Pamplona
New facilities in Pamplona

Barranquesa adquired a new site in Pamplona to meet the growing demand of anchor cage solutions. 10.000 m2 of factory area with 6.000 m2 under roof cover.

1.700 m2 extension in Lacunza
2019 1700 m2 extension

Barranquesa expands it facilities in 1.700 m2 to increase anchor cage production capacity.

Anchor cages
Anchor cages

Barranquesa feeds successfully into the complete anchor cage market.

Capacity Increase
Capacity Increase

Barranquesa makes a major investment in new facilities and machinery to increase its capacity in a 50%.

Wind Power
1990 Wind power

Barranquesa starts to supply its flanges for the wind industry in 1990 becoming a reference in flanges until today.

Company foundation
1960 Foundation

Industrial Barranquesa S.A. was founded in 1960 and since its inception has been in the field of metal transformation being its main technologies the cutting, welding, deformation and machining of different kinds. The Company has grown with consecutive expansions up to 23.000 m2 of factory area at the present time.


Our main goal is helping our customers to achieve their own objectives. Barranquesa is always ready to make our customers daily operations easier by every possible means. We will always provide them an added value through our customized products and services.


In the following years, most of the OEM and EPC companies will know Barranquesa as the primary supplier of tower flanges and anchor cages. We will continue increasing our market share collaborating with several new customers and we will develop long-term partnerships with our current and future collaborators.



Our main goal is helping our customers to achieve their own objectives.  We know well their needs and we always go a step further to fulfil their demands. We find a solution for every single need and being proactive in uncertain and constantly changing conditions is part of our DNA.


Since 1990, Barranquesa is been contributing to the development of the wind energy sector. We feel proud of what we do and the role that we play in this sector. We strongly believe in the wind energy as one of the cornerstones that will lead us towards a more sustainable energy system and we will keep working hard with our customers for a greener world.


Our strength stems from a diverse and talented team. Our experience, coupled with our highly skilled technicians and outstanding production processes guarantee the excellence of our products and services.


The familiar working environment that we have in Barranquesa is the biggest reason of our success. Most of the times, we need to respond quickly to resolve our customers’ needs. Teamwork and our internal communication enable us to achieve the desired results. In Barranquesa it very easy. Our dedication to this culture fosters a great team, and an enjoyable atmosphere.

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