Tower flanges

The wind energy market has witnessed impressive growth in recent years. Thanks to our products, we have positioned ourselves as a leading company in this important sector.

We are aware that factors such as market demand and supply of technical resources are constantly changing, so our professional commitment is focused on always staying ahead of the curve in innovation, adapting with the greatest flexibility to the challenges we face daily, supported by the best professional advice.

We manufacture solutions under rigorous processes ranging from the purchase of the best raw materials to delivery of finished parts to our customers.

Top Flange

Top Flanges

L Flange

Connection Flanges L

T Flange

Bottom Flanges T

Foundation Flange

Foundation Flanges


We are able to fulfill all your requirements and needs with the help of our outstanding production process:

Purchase of material

Material Purchase

Independent source directly from the mill

Oxy cutting


Traditional cutting method using oxy-fuel torches to cut through steel up to 240 mm thickness or Plasma method for smaller thicknesses


Heating the flat bars in order to bend them

Hot Bending

Hot bendingHot Bending

Hot bending using the specific templates for each flange dimensions

Flash butt welding

WeldingFlash Butt Welding

FBW is an electrical resistance welding process that guarantees the most solid fusion



CNC turning machines
Machining in 360º rings or segmented



CNC Drilling-milling machines
Drilling in 360º ring or segmented

Surface treatment

Surface treatment

Sand blasting, painting, metallizing and others



According to customer standards



According to customer demands

Logistic worldwide

Worldwide Logistics

Full management of the logistics and packaging for deliveries to any part of the world

Satisfied customers