Luis, what has meant for you working for Barranquesa?

Started working at Barranquesa almost 10 years ago with the objective of helping the company to recover from a difficult situation the market was going through. It was quite a challenge and with the help of all of the team and workforce we managed to reverse the situation. In my working life of nearly 46 years, Barranquesa has been the company I stayed working for the longest and obtained a maximum degree of satisfaction both professionally and personally.

How would you define the management style that you have carried out at Barranquesa?

When I started working I pledged that I would only work like if the company was mine thus I would only give the maximum and best of myself. The same I asked for the team and workforce. We had to take great efforts which meant advances and a positive trend in the whole period.

We all have managed to grow Barranquesa business up to levels that were difficult to imagine in the past. A collective success without a doubt.

Which three aspects of the company would you highlight?

Customer orientation, flexibility and compromise. These are the utmost principles that we all try to apply, from the first to the last worker. As a result of these aspects clients recognise Barranquesa as a trustworthy, steady, fast and flexible provider which in the market we work in is key to success.

How do you feel now that you have to delegate your position to Manuel?

Absolute peace of mind because the company will be in the best possible hands to tackle the important challenges that lie ahead. I experience personal satisfaction because I have made my contribution to the best results in the project.

What do you think that Manuel is going to contribute to Barranquesa’s management?

Manuel is an incredible professional who knows the company really well and from all viewpoints because he has over 15 years of experience at Barranquesa. He occupied different positions in the department of Planning and Production and also in the Steering Committee which allowed Manuel to provide a complete vision from any point of view.

In addition to these, Manuel is a referent in agility, vision, efficacy, creativity and endless qualifiers. Guarantee of obtaining the maximum result in any situation.

What is the first thing that you’re going to do when you retire?

First of all I would spend time with my wife because during the past 30 years I occupied different management positions that have prevented me from spending much time with her. In particular, I would like to visit my daughter who lives in Düsseldorf.

And then… I won’t get bored because I have enough things to do and enjoy. It is a long list.