At Barranquesa we’re specialist in making and supplying anchor cages.

Anchor cages are a key component in the construction of foundations for wind towers. At Barranquesa, we offer manufacture and worldwide shipping as well as delivery of pre-assembled anchor cages.

What are the advantages of pre-assembled anchor cages?

The completed anchor cages that we manufacture optimise our clients’ operative costs and management. 

When the anchor cages are mounted in the factory, assembly is carried out faster and through a specialised process. This is due to the means used during mounting and that the staff is expert thus the quality is ensured. When carrying out the pre-assembly in the factory, almost all of the parts (over 1,000) are assembled; only 4 pre-assembled pieces need to be put together on site. 

When the parts of the non-pre-assembled cages arrive on site, the process lengthens because both the staff and materials are not adequate. Also external causes can make assembly more difficult, for instance, adverse weather conditions.

Without a doubt, delivering pre-assembled anchor cages provide advantages in the cost and final quality of the product.

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