The Barranquesa family keeps growing and our anchor cages are now present in more wind parks across the world.

In the past months we have supplied Anchor cages to parks of Spain, Namibia, Sweden and Saudi Arabia.

Dumat al Jandal (Sakaka, Saudi Arabia)

Dumat Al Jandal is the largest wind park in Saudi Arabia. TSK is the company in charge of the project to which we have supplied complete anchor cages. We also have given technical support regarding design and supply of auxiliary templates.

In this park, of 400 MW, the Vestas’ wind towers are provided with braced foundations.


Nysäter (Viksjö, Sweden)

Nysäter is one of the largest wind parks in Sweden; it has an installed capacity of 474 MW.

For this park, through our client Nordex, we have supplied 114 complete anchor cages.

Elizabeth Bay (Namibia, Africa)

Nabrawind was our client for Elisabeth Bay’s wind park located in Namibia. It is a small park of 12 MW to which we supplied three small anchor cages.

This type of cages involves a special design that we have specifically carried out for our client.



Celada Fusión (Palencia, Spain)

In May of this year, for Celada Fusión Park and through our client Nordex, we supplied complete anchor cages for 10 wind generators. We sent bolts and other materials galvanised to prevent corrosion effects. The park is located in Palencia, Spain, and will have 48MW.



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