Barranquesa opens a new plant in Pamplona to manufacture anchor cages

2021 has been a difficult year for everybody and at Barranquesa we have dealt with the difficulties derived from Covid-19 pandemic to the best of our knowledge. In fact, despite the complications derived from the health crisis, we put into operation new premises in Pamplona that will allow us to duplicate our production.

This new factory in Pamplona is another milestone in the 61 years of history at Barranquesa. It makes our company to be one of the top 16 Navarran companies with the highest growth in Spain.

Pamplona’s premises are focused on the manufacture of anchor cages, thus distributing the production of our most demanded solutions, tower flanges and anchor cages, between our factory in Lacunza and Pamplona.

At our new factory in Pamplona we rely on our in-house value chain, which allows us to improve the quality of all our products and be more competitive. An example of this is our three new cabins for shot-blasting, painting and metallizing because. It will add more value because we won’t need to outsource any stage of the production process.

In March this year, the factory was working at 100% of its capacity, in three shifts. For the end of the year we have planned the installation of new machinery, which would allow us to increase our production capacity.

Currently Barranquesa employs a workforce of over 100 people and shows a sales growth rate of 26%.