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INDUSTRIAL BARRANQUESA, was founded in the 60's in the same place where it is today.

Throughout our proven track record of over half a century, at IBSA (Industrial Barranquesa, S.A.) we have stood out for always offering successful and efficient solutions to the needs of the metal industry. We specialise in manufacturing flanges and rings, as well as other related or custom products. Our extensive capabilities enable us to meet the specific requirements of various sectors, such as wind energy, large piping and the construction auxiliary industry, among others.

We have all the technical and human resources required to ensure the best quality at all stages of the manufacturing process. Our multidisciplinary team of highly qualified
professionals works in modern facilities of over 11,000 m2, located in Lacunza, Navarra, focused on production, machining and comprehensive control of all the parts we manufacture.

Our unbeatable customer responsiveness — always guaranteeing top quality, good prices and compliance with deadlines — has given us the trust of a large group of leading brands, for whom we have undertaken various key, highly demanding industrial projects around the world. We are, above all, a company with a strong vision for the future and international outlook. We also boast the support of the Naweco Consortium,a solid group of Spanish firms involved at different stages of the manufacture of wind turbines.


Creating value for our customers, society and our shareholders through manufacturing and machining of large steel rings for various applications.

At Industrial Barranquesa our aim is:

  • To stand out as the leading manufacturer of various types of largesize
    steel rings and flanges.
  • To be recognised for our quality, flexibility and competitiveness.
  • To be pioneers in the implementation of continuous improvement systems in our processes.
  • To be excellent in satisfying our stakeholders.
  • To grow profitably and continuously over time, motivating and contributing to the development of our employees, customers and suppliers, building lasting relationships with them.


  • Customer orientation.
  • Technological excellence.
  • Teamwork.